Pack "NATURE limited edition" 10 glasses

Pack "NATURE limited edition" 10 glasses


A unique model in limited edition, specially designed for all lovers of nature, fishing, hunting, hiking and adventure ...

  • The Beer Up is made up of two elements that fit together.

    The lower element acts as a cooler in which a 5 liter keg of beer is housed.

    The upper element is a cover which allows the beer keg to be enclosed in the cooler. This cover has a central hole allowing the introduction of the base of the glass in order to fill it using the Beer Up filling kit.

    By a downward pressure action, the glass is filled with a beautiful foam that is always well controlled. Beer Up glasses are dishwasher safe and reusable hundreds of times with a foolproof seal.

    Important advice for using the Beer Up for a full day outdoors (up to 20 hours of cold storage): before inserting the 5 liter keg into the dispenser, it is advisable to store it, in addition to the 10 hours in refrigerator, 30 to 45 minutes more in the freezer. This in order to obtain a temperature of the beer keg close to 3 ° C. The circular block and the 3 ice films must also be properly frozen in order to provide optimum cold.