For what type of beer keg? 

Exclusively for all pressurized 5 liter drums (not 6L) found in large and medium distribution. These barrels are present everywhere in New Zealand, whether in refrigerated cabinets or on the drinks shelves.

How to avoid having too much foam? 

The foam is proportional to the level of cold of your beer: a beer kept at 3 ° C will generally have a perfect foam, a beer at 6 or 7 ° C will have a greater foam (sometimes a neck of foam of 4 to 5cm in your glass). It is therefore important to cool the 5L keg ​​for at least 10 hours in the refrigerator before placing it in the Beer Up. But be careful, with a refrigerator of low power or voluntarily set to a low level of cold, or a refrigerator that has just been filled with food with the keg (s) to be cooled, will not lower the temperature of the beer to 3 ° c but rather at 6 or 7 ° C and your beer may therefore foam.

To compensate for this lack of cold, we recommend placing your beer keg up to 1 hour longer in a freezer or freezer * in order to cool it even more. With this additional cold, you can use your Beer Up outdoors with a very cold beer all day (generally 20h maximum) without having too much foam in your glass. 

Warning ! You must also have the blue circular cold accumulator and the 3 blue ice films correctly frozen before using the Beer Up 

* The keg can be stored flat even in a drawer freezer. But when you have placed it in the Beer Up vertically, we advise you to wait 15 minutes before using it because the beer needs to stabilize. 

How long does a 5L keg ​​keep? 

If you have not finished your keg with the Beer Up, you can put it back in the refrigerator, its shelf life is one month in the fridge after its first use. 

I will be using my Beer Up for the first time.

Very important: glasses must be washed in the dishwasher at the highest possible temperature (70 ° C recommended) in order to obtain a good seal from the first service. Indeed, the glasses can leak a little if you do not do this first washing operation. Washing at high temperature performs a heat treatment on the silicone valve which will harden and be well sealed. 

To wash your glasses, we recommend that you place them exclusively in the top basket of your dishwasher to prevent them from overturning. Do not squeeze the glasses together, as they can become oval with temperature. For subsequent washes, a normal cycle in the dishwasher is sufficient with detergent.

Should I change the watertight valve on the glass? 

No, the valve cannot be disassembled, it is integral with the glass and it is designed to last for several hundred refills. If your valve is leaking, your glass will be at the end of its life, so you can recycle it with the plastic bottles. It will have been used much more than a disposable glass and this will therefore be an ecological gain.


Why is it advisable to rinse the glass with cold water before using? 

A good classic pressure is always served with a glass rinsed in cold water, it's the same with Beer Up. This helps cool the cup and optimize the foam. 

What if a glass leaks after the first refills? 

Sometimes the silicone valve needs 2 to 4 washes to seal properly, put that glass aside and put it back in the dishwasher. 

Why is there a little beer at the bottom of my Beer Up? 

It is normal that there is some beer leakage from the nozzle with each filling, but the amount is very small. 

Why does the Beer Up lid not close completely?

Because the 3 blue ice films are not placed all the way to the bottom of the Beer Up. So you have to push them well to the bottom, because it can be a little hard to put them in because they are frozen.

What do you do with the small plastic Beer Up filling nozzle and trigger after use? 

You just have to unclip them from the keg and put them in the dishwasher in the covered container. These two parts can be reused many times after washing, such as glasses. 

Are there any consumables to buy in addition to the promo pack? 

No, everything is washable and reusable for many uses. 

How can we store the glasses? 

The glasses are designed to be stacked together but they must be completely dry before stacking for hygiene reasons. 


Do you deliver to abroad etc.?

We deliver for the moment only in New Zealand and Australia (www.beerup.com.au). We hope to open deliveries abroad soon.


It's been past my delivery date, and I haven't received my package. What's going on ? 

Due to the great success of the Beer Up dispenser, we make every effort to process all orders as efficiently as possible. You should receive your machine shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

In which point of sale can you find your product? 

For the moment, the Beer Up is only available on our website
We hope to be available in stores soon.